DREAMCHASERS Tour is the most successful International American Football recruiting tour in the world. Our tour has had athletes from over 20 different countries travel with us to the USA. We have had over 100 total scholarships offered on the DREAMCHASERS tour with over 50 individual international athletes Dream come true by being offered a full scholarship.

We have visited and camped at some of the most prestigious Universities in the USA. These Universities include Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Yale, University of Florida, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and University of Michigan to name a few.

DC '19

Our most successful tour as we toured the USA with over 50 International prospects from over 15 different countries including Australia. We visited many powerhouse schools including defending National Champions Clemson Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Bulldogs, Yale Bulldogs, Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan State, Michigan Wolverines, Penn State, Syracuse, Rutgers, Akron, Kent State, Toledo, Texas a &m, Houston, TCU, Baylor, North Carolina, Duke, West Virginia, Southern California, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Stanford, Minnesota, South Carolina, Temple, Towson, UMass, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, William & Mary, & more.

Scholarships Results (DC '19)

Jairo Faverus DB
Richard Agykenum DB
Roberto Miranda WR
Max Mang TE
James Faminu OL
Hugo Klages DL
Teo Falk DL
Miles Zeitek OL
Daniel Louma WR
Vaino Paakkonen OL
Mattijs Lasore RB
Maurice Heims DL
Victor Wikstrom TE
Danijel Miletic OL
Alexander Honig QB
Jack Low DL
Demierro Promes LP
Philip Okwonko TE
Jack Loew DL
Tyrese Owusu DL
Neche Ugwozor LB
Liridon Mujezinovic OL

DC '18

DC Tour was our second tour we had over 20 International prospects from over 10 different countries in Europe. We visited many great schools including Ohio State, Michigan, Temple, Penn State, Old Dominion, Towson, Umass, UConn, Rutgers, Georgia, Florida, UVA, and more

Scholarships Results (DC '18)

Luke Wentz QB
Kariem Al Soufi OL
Mark Petry OL
Sylvain Yondjouen DL
Alexander Ehrensberger DL
Anton Oscarsson OL
Fabian Weitz LB
Max Lovblad OL
Victor Stoffel OL
Edward Vesterinen DL
Emil Hovde LB
Martin Veinberg OL

DC '17

DREAMCHASERS Tour was born in 2017 and we started out with a bang!!! We brought 15 kids from 8 different countries with us to the USA to prove International kids belong on the Division 1 stage. We visited Ohio State, Michigan, Old Dominion, Temple, Penn State, UConn, Umass, Rutgers, and Towson

Scholarships Results (DC '17)

Julius Weslchof DL
Isaac Moore OL
Zavier Scott WR
Oscar Andersson OL
Robert Lachmann DL
Adam Raine DL